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Blues and Country Music in the Greater Fairfax, CA Area

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TumbleWeed Pacific promotes Blues and Country music in and around Marin County, California. As bandmates of Johnny Rivers, Neil Young, The Mama's and Papa's, Behemoth and other notable artists converge to make the best music in the county.

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The Rough Country cd Afterall has gone into digital download land. Find it on iTunes, Rhapsody and other fine downloading services.

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The Bands

Chuck Day and the Burning Sensations A continued presence of Southside Chicago Baritone Bluesman Chuck Day - Chuck on YouTube

Danny Montana & The Bar Association Rockin' Country - On YouTube, if you really want to know!

Sweetie Pie and the Doughboys Hot R&B and Classic Rock and Roll now on YouTube!

The Jeb Brady Band Big Blues, R&B and Rockin' Americana - From Motown to Delta Blues

Wendy Fitz Solo or with small Combo's. Songs from Classic Country to Bayou-Bop

(W+T)J2 Wendy Fitz, Tim Bush, John Molloy and Jack Pribble play the stuff they don't get to play with all those other bands... AND... they have a clothing line!

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